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Wardenclyffe Ventures, LLC works with inventors, entrepreneurs, university professors and technology transfer offices to take inventions from the laboratory to the marketplace. Our approach is efficient and produces results.

1. Our team rapidly assesses if there is a match with our expertise and a market for the technology.


2. We then meet with the inventor/tech team and evaluate the stage of technology development to determine what resources are necessary to develop prototypes for industry testing.


3. At this point we may option the technology and conduct a much deeper technology and market assessment generally lasting 3-6 months.


4. Finally we will license the technology, develop our business plan, assemble our team and finance the venture. Our investors are seasoned tech savvy entrepreneurs.


We do not pursue early stage drug discovery or invasive medical devices. Disruptive technologies with prototypes and strong IP positions are of particular interest.

Technology Selection Criteria

9. Clear exit – We work backwards. Before we take a license to new technology, we'll speak to potential acquirers to gauge their interest and get on their radar. We then know what acquirers want to see, and we figure out how to get there. They usually like to see some of the criteria below.

1. Strong Intellectual property position – Patent(s) or trade secret. We want freedom to operate and barriers to entry, which patents can provide. We use this initial position as a 'beachhead' from which to expand our IP. Incremental technologies often have to navigate a crowded patent landscape.  Our breakthrough technologies can often carve out large swaths of intellectual property real estate.

2. Exclusive license - We want an 'unfair' advantage. Universities give us these exclusive licenses because of our track record of success and the extensive pre-license due diligence and planning that we perform.

3. Prototypes - Ideas are good, proof of concept is better, prototypes are best. With prototypes in hand, we can greatly reduce risk, and increase the prospects for success.  Prototypes enable us to provide potential clients, strategic partners, and investors with a clear vision of how the technology works and how it can be used.

4. Few direct or indirect competitors - Unique solutions. We prefer technologies that solve problems that haven't been solved before.

5. Breakthrough technology in a large addressable market. The best technologies solve problems in large markets, which provide a larger numbers of potential acquirers. We avoid niche markets. 

6. Potential for large margins. Breakthrough technologies command premium prices. 

7. Relevant expertise on the Wardenclyffe team. Industry experience, networks, and knowledge allow us to move quickly with better strategy and tactics.  

8. Clear path to market - We like to drive on the road that has already been built.  By knowing our distribution and sales partners in advance, we can tailor both our development process and commercial offering to be most successful. 

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