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Chief Executive Officer

George Boyajian is a technology executive with more than 25 years experience, specializing in commercializing breakthrough technologies. He launched and headed PhytoWorks, a genetic engineering company that produced the first commercial transgenic tree; Living Independently Group, a medical device company acquired by GE Healthcare, and TurnPointMedical Devices among others.  As Managing Director of Columbia Digital Knowledge Ventures, he helped launch Columbia University's digital asset commercialization venture.  Most recently he was Chief Commercial Officer of Primus Green Energy, a global leader in gas to liquids processing. Prior to his business career, he was an assistant professor at the Univ. of Pennsylvania and holds a PhD from the University of Chicago and a BA from Penn.

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Chief Operations Officer

Eric Anderson is an executive with decades of experience in identifying, developing, and commercializing early-stage technologies. A former research scientist (Ph.D, cell biology; American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow) and Yale MBA, he understands technology commercialization from multiple vantage points, having developed his own technology; having licensed technologies and assisted startups at Yale’s technology transfer office; and having worked as an executive in startups, and small- to mid-sized enterprises. His expertise includes technology evaluation, licensing, finance, business development, and operations management.

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Chief Business Development Officer

Jason Stieg is a technology executive with 18 years of experience in commercialization, business development, and sales. His career began as an engineer with Dow Chemical, followed by becoming a Sales Manager at PAS, Inc.  After securing a global licensing agreement with Chevron, he was promoted to Managing Director of EMEA based in Belgium.  Jason has held leadership roles with Honeywell and Yokogawa, and was the Global Sales Director for Primus Green Energy.  Jason left PGE to assume the role of Managing Director for PSU’s Smeal College of Business EMBA Program.  Jason is currently the Chief Business Development Officer for Wardenclyffe. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical. Eng. from Carnegie Mellon Univ., and an MBA from PSU’s Smeal College of Business.

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